Origins 1969-78

The Origins of Gay Media

in Australia 1969-78

by Bill Calder


Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                                                                            3

Chapter 1 – Activist Press: demanding change                                                                    12

The birth of the Australian gay rights movement was inspired by street riots in America and the activists saw the need to publicise their message. The movement’s press started with Camp Ink and spawned dozens of smaller publications across the country.

Chapter 2 – Porn Mags: the hobby that changed minds                                                       25

Nude male photography is a personal pleasure but one that can be shared, and gay pornography attracted the minds of readers in a way the activist press could never achieve.

Chapter 3 – Community Papers: building the gay scene                                                      43

A new breed of gay entrepreneur broke free of the Kings Cross protection rackets. They started an expansion of gay venues and the launch of popular community newspapers that proudly promoted the growing commercial scene.

Conclusion                                                                                                                             53

Bibliography                                                                                                                           58

Cover image: the first issue of Camp Ink (from the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives collection – ALGA)


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